The Kindred

Introduction to The Kindred


Many, many centuries ago, no one truly knows when, or how they came into being, a clan known as The Kindred lived in the Highlands of Scotland. The Kindred was not an ordinary clan, however. Each person was born with the ability to shapeshift. Also blessed with enhanced speed, stamina, and strength, they could transform into any animal form they wished in a magical instant. These abilities helped them as warriors going into battle, giving them a fierce reputation.


Over three hundred years ago, returning from a day of hunting, the Kindred found their village decimated from a raiding party. The loss of their families was more than some could bear. When a Kindred warrior loses his true mate, he loses a part of his soul. Many times, they will take their animal form, losing all of their humanity, never to shift back again. It was a great loss for the entire clan. It happened to so many warriors at that time, that the clan’s wise woman made a plea to the Goddess. She appeared, giving The Kindred a boon.


The Goddess promised each Kindred warrior one in his lifetime who would be his perfect match. There would be one mate who would complete his soul, grounding him when his animal side would fight for control over his human side. When a Kindred warrior met his Promised Soul and they made love the first time, a ‘bonding mark,’ each one unique to the warrior himself, would manifest itself upon the inside of their left wrist. A matching mark on the wrist of the Promised Soul would claim her as the warrior's mate. They would be bound to each other for eternity.”


After over a century of no Kindred warrior meeting his Promised Soul, Quinn McGrath met his destined mate in Louisiana. Torie Masters gave new meaning to his life, and together they eventually founded Phoenix Keep, nestled at the base of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. His dream of a settlement for all his clan is now being realized. With his brother, Trey, and his Elite Guardians helping him to lay the foundation, they too, are beginning to find their own Promised Souls. This is their story.

Have you wondered what muses inspired me while I wrote The Kindred series? What do The Kindred look like? While everyone will have their own version of the individual warriors, here's a peek at how I see them. How close do they come to your idea of The Kindred?


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