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My first Meet & Greet

Today was my first Meet & Greet as an author. I was invited to the Lockport, LA Library, and was greeted by a very friendly staff that went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable, and had enough room for my gear. They even provided refreshments. Who's going to argue with cookies, sandwiches and drinks?

It was an intimate gathering. Yes, that's a polite way of saying that a few of my friends showed up to support me. It was a little disappointing that no one showed, but that's life for you. It IS summer, and people DO have plans on the weekend. We made the most of the situation and still enjoyed ourselves.

My friends didn't let me off the hook just because no one showed. They made me do a reading. Note to self: work on my Scottish accent. LOL Actually, this was a great trial run for future signings where I will be asked to read. They also asked questions. LOTS of questions. Some of them, I had to think back to remember why I named this character that name, or where did I come up with the idea for that. It hasn't been quite a year since I started this journey, but I'm already working on my third book, and it takes a little mind jogging to remember what you were thinking when you wrote the first one.