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Releases Aug 3, 2021
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Sigrid, one of the illustrious Valkyries, has spent eons in Valhalla. When Odin sends her on a task, she can’t get there fast enough. Until she lands on a horse ranch in Texas… Where’s the battlefield? Who’s the warrior she’s to take back to Valhalla?

When Slade Larsen started taking in runaway boys, he honestly thought he was doing a good thing—giving them a place to stay and teaching them responsibility and a trade. But a couple of them came with more baggage than most, and it’s bringing a new kind of danger he isn’t prepared to deal with.

How is Sigi supposed to prepare Slade for his death when her feelings want him to live? Together, they battle dark forces that threaten to take over the boy’s lives and Sigi fights to keep Slade from crossing a line that will damn him for eternity.

Skylar Mason is Alpha of the largest wolf shifter pack in North America—rightfully won in battle after the tragic death of her father, held together by the ruthlessness he instilled in her. When the Council presses her to seek a mate, or at the very least, a consort, to continue her line, Skylar seeks a way to circumvent the inevitable.

Jace Colton is second-born Prince and powerful mage of the White Tiger shifter clan. Focused on unlocking the key to the long-forgotten Seraphic magic, he doesn’t want to be bothered with clan politics.

An unlikely encounter in a coffee shop gives Skylar a chance to solve her problems and Jace a very real opportunity to achieve his dreams.

Fate, however, has her own plans.

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An ancient vampire returns to say goodbye to an old love, only to have a new love awakened by a young nurse who wants more from life.
Meghan is headstrong, curious, and determined to make a difference.

Rory is dedicated and driven.

Determined to achieve her goals, Meghan fights against the bonds of a Promised Soul, while Rory struggles to get closer to her, unaware they are fated to be together. Are unclaimed bonds strong enough to see them through danger they have yet to face?
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