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Madison Granger
Paranormal Romance
& Urban Fantasy Author

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Some men strive to be the best. Others — just are.


Maddox Ward isn’t your run-of-the-mill regular kind of guy. Alpha of the NOLA Shifters, heading a law firm to protect the interests of the pack, and an integral part of the Louisiana Shifter Alliance fills his days. But there is more to the man—much more than many know of… or ever realized.


Moonburst, a designer drug targeted at shifters is being mass-produced and sent to packs all over the country. Dedicated to eradicating the drug state-wide is turning into a full-time venture for Maddox and the LA. Shifter Alliance.


When Ember Wagner shows up, Maddox is immediately drawn to the sultry blonde. But Ember has an agenda of her own, and Maddox can’t help but be suspicious of her motives and ties to a mystery client from Chicago.


Has Maddox found his Luna? Or is she the enemy—sent to destroy him?


What's Next?

Welcome to my world of the LA Shifter Alliance, comprising three of the most formidable shifter packs in Louisiana.

An Unexpected Legacy tells of the Crossroad Wolves, a stand alone that introduces the Bayou Crescent Wolves and the NOLA Shifters.

Zane is book one the Bayou Crescent Wolves. Look for Cole and Ridge coming soon.

Maddox  begins the NOLA Shifters series and is available for pre-order now. Bishop  and Rhistel's Reckoning will round out the trilogy. 



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Welcome! I'm Madison Granger, author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. If you like sexy Alpha shifters and curvy kick-ass heroines, then you're in the right place. 

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