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Hi there! I'm Madison Granger, and welcome to my website. Feel free to look around and check out my books, where the stories are touched by magic.

Convinced by friends to put a story to paper, I started writing in 2015. My beginning as an author was with a hybrid publishing house. Two years later, I self-published and am now an Indie best-selling author of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy.

Born and raised in Louisiana, living just south of New Orleans, I'm no stranger to the magical and different.

I share my home with my daughter, granddaughter, and her psycho cat, Mochi. If I don't pay attention, they let in the outside cats too.

I love to read, listen to music (mostly country, with a little alternative thrown in), thrive on coffee, and have always loved horses. I collect dragons, gargoyles, angels... and anything else that catches my fancy. 



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