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Here goes nothing

This past week has been exciting, to say the least. was a week old yesterday. I have had so much fun working on this website. There's a lot more to come, the site will grow as time goes. Personally, I think we're off to a pretty good start.

The Readers Gallery has been a total blast for me! I love the pics you're sending me. The fact that you bought Phoenix Rising touches me deeply. Sharing your pic of you with your copy of Phoenix thrills me to no end. I hope the trend continues and more pictures continue to come in. I have no problem adding pages to the gallery.


Have you checked out the Kindred t-shirts I designed? You can get your own from Teespring. The BUY link is on the News & Events page or you can go directly to Teespring. You have until July 11, 2016 to get yours, so hurry!


My fellow Bard author, Ellie Mack interviewed me on her blog site, Quotidiandose for her Summer Lit Blitz. You can read the full interview here: