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Meeting J. C. McKenzie, Ritual & Runes Author

Please enjoy another author interview for the upcoming Rituals and Runes Anthology, coming out in October 2022! Today, we meet J C McKenzie

Author: J.C. McKenzie

Book: Embrace the Flame

R&R: Thank you so much for joining us! We can’t wait to hear about your book that’s exclusive to the Rituals and Runes Anthology.

In Embrace the Flame, what challenging situation do your characters find themselves in?

Ms. McKenzie: Juni is a fox shifter and used to getting out of complicated situations, but she may have finally found something she can’t escape. Binding herself to the Lord of War may have saved her lover, but now she has to serve her family’s number one enemy. And while she tried to find a way out of the bond, she learns one of her besties has been charged with murder. Juni knows her friend didn’t do it, but it will take all her skills as a private investigator to find the evidence that will prove it.

R&R: What a predicament! It’s going to be awesome finding out how Juni deals with that situation.

What was your favorite thing about writing Embrace the Flame?

Ms. McKenzie: I can’t fully answer this without major spoilers, but let’s just say, this story feels very Canadian.

R&R: What do your main characters want more than anything in the world?

Ms. McKenzie: Her family and friends are safe and loved.

R&R: There are so many types of Shifters, why did you pick a fox?

Ms. McKenzie: I love the idea of fox shifters. They have predator and prey-like tendencies. They’re smart, agile, adaptable, and family-oriented—all the characteristics Juni possesses.

R&R: How fun! That’s very true about foxes and makes them a great animal to use for a story.

What surprised you about writing this book?

Ms. McKenzie: Where my brain took the murder mystery.

R&R: Intriguing! Can’t wait to find out what happens!

Who are your favorite authors?

Ms. McKenzie: There are so many who inspire me every day. There are authors I look up to, who I inspire to be one day, authors who have no idea I even exist. There are authors who support me and cheer me on.

One of my favorite authors is Neil Gaiman. I love listening to and/or watching interviews with him where he discusses his writing process. Though we are vastly different writers, our writing process is very similar and to learn a fabulous, highly successful writer like Neil Gaiman, goes through a similar process was very validating.

R&R: What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Ms. McKenzie:

Heir of the Eyrie, a standalone fantasy romance, releases March 31st, 2022.

Immortal Throne, a standalone urban fantasy, releases in June, 2022

House of Chaos, a standalone fantasy romance, releases September, 2022.

And I will also be rapid releasing an Urban Fantasy trilogy starting November 2022.

R&R: Now for our bonus question. Would you rather have endless winter or endless summer?

Oh, that’s a hard one. I’d have to say endless summer.

R&R: Thanks again for joining us! Please read on for the blurb, a lovely excerpt, and where to find Ms. McKenzie.


I don’t have time to deal with Fae shenanigans…

My best friend was charged with a murder she didn’t commit. If I don't find a way to exonerate her, she'll spend her life in jail, along with other wrongfully accused shifters.

With the Fae haunting my every step and impeding my investigation, I’m forced to rely on Lincoln, the human who crushed my heart. He’s worked hard to become a skilled fighter and make amends, but can he play Watson to my Sherlock?

My skills as a PI will be tested, but not as much as my heart.


They stared at each other awkwardly while her heart thundered in her chest and threatened to break free of her ribcage.

“What’s wrong?” Lincoln asked.