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Introducing Rituals & Runes Author J E Taylor

The authors of the magical Rituals and Runes Anthology are thrilled to present you with our author interviews about the swoon-worthy books included in our box set.

Today, we are excited to present, J.E. Taylor who will talk about her novella, Jasmine!

Author: J.E. Taylor

Book: Jasmine, A Fractured Fairy Tale.

R&R: Hi, Ms. Taylor. Thank you for joining us today. As your contribution to the Rituals and Runes Anthology, you've chosen to write Jasmine, A Fractured Fairytale, a story inspired by Arabian Nights.

What inspired you to choose this theme and what aspect of Arabian Nights did you base your story on?

Ms. Taylor: I started my fractured fairy tales four years ago and I originally was going to do eight - at least that is how many covers I ended up getting. Red, Cinder, Brave, Tangled, Frozen, Snow, Spindle and Belle.

And then my cover artist did a premade that sparked an Aladdin retelling in my head (inspired by Arabian Nights). But like some of the fairy tales, I spun it on its head and made my genie a female who fell in love with her master.

Each book has a theme of either Shifter or Magic. And now I have a total of ten because I also found a wonderful Hook cover that will be coming next year. It's paranormal romance, so there are HFN or HEA endings, unlike some of my urban fantasy books which can be ambiguous.

R&R: Oooh, that sounds so juicy and fun. I know a lot of fans love a fairytale flipped in its head! And I love how you tied into our theme relating your story to both magic and breaking the rules.

Tell us something about Jasmine that isn't in the blurb. Also, what genre is the book?

Ms. Taylor: Jasmine is cunning and smart and does not quite get a man who doesn't make wishes out of selfish wants. That is what she is used to. So she doesn't quite know what to think of Ali.

R&R: Awesome! Jasmine sounds intriguing and I can’t wait to find out what happens between her and Ali. I’d like to know more about Jasmine but I’ll make it challenging.

Describe her in only three words.

Ms. Taylor: Magical, beautiful, and smart!

R&R: Score one for the strong and intelligent female character. How about you tell us more about what makes your main characters tick?

Ms. Taylor: Jasmine must follow the rules set for genies or she will be demolished. Ali wants his kingdom restored to what it once was.

R&R: Your story sounds so exciting, like your characters get in some sticky situations, and have huge challenges ahead of them. I love all the mystery and big stakes. It makes me want to find out what happens.

How about a few questions about you. Do you listen to music when you write? If so, does your book have a play list?

Ms. Taylor: Not usually. Usually, my husband has sports on the television and I'm just typing away as he watches.

R&R: That’s funny! Well, we do what works.

What genres do you write?

Ms. Taylor: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Suspense, and Horror.

R&R: That’s a fantastic variety. Tell us, what books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Ms. Taylor: My first book in my new Shades of Night Trilogy is coming out on April 5th. Wicked Heart is an urban fantasy about a vampire hunter who has a bad night that she cannot remember and must find out what happened before she becomes the hunted.

I also have another fractured fairy tale coming out in another #shiftersunleashed set - Belle is coming out in June in Shifters Ever After! This is a beauty and the beast retelling where Belle is the beast.

R&R: Exciting! You really give readers a lot to look forward to! Those sound fun and filled with mystery. Now for our fun bonus question. Tell the readers, would you rather be in a room full of snakes or spiders?

Ms. Taylor: Snakes. I'd befriend them all. And funny you should have snakes as an option - because there is a scene in Jasmine with a snake. :)

Spiders - I'd need to burn down the entire house.

Thank you so much for joining us today. It was a pleasure having you with us and hearing about your wonderful projects.

Please enjoy the blurb and an awesome excerpt from Jasmine. You can also find out more about Ms. Taylor and where to find her!


There are three rules all genies must obey: No killing. No raising the dead. And above all else, never fall in love.