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2022 in Review

2022 in review hasn’t been one of my better years. While it started out well, it went downhill quickly, and I find myself still struggling to get any momentum going.

I feel like I wasted half of the year, but without my health, it’s impossible to be productive in other areas. What started out as a diagnosis of diverticulitis, resulted into a colon resection. When that wasn’t one-hundred percent successful, another surgery turned into an ileostomy bag with so many complications I don’t even want to think about… finally ending two months later in a reversal. So, I went through all the surgeries and healing time, finally reaching a successful end. Hopefully, I will never have to go through that again.

I also completed two eye surgeries, healed, and yesterday, I ordered a new pair of glasses. I’m facing the new year with no health issues *knock on wood* and I pray it remains that way.

There have been other personal issues that came into play recently but they’re heartbreaking and too painful to talk about yet, if ever. Prayers for my family would be much appreciated.

I managed to release five books total this year. Two of these were in anthologies, and one of them was in an anthology, then released as a standalone. I have one in the works, but my release date keeps getting pushed back because of life in general.

The only constant was my readers and friends. You’ve encouraged me to keep going and not give up, no matter how rough things got. For that, I thank you. You have my gratitude and love. Here’s to a better and more productive 2023.


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