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Welcome to Thoughts, Ramblings, and Other Stuff!

I'm Madison Granger. Welcome to my blog, where I'm supposed to write profound thoughts. Okay, that hasn't happened yet but I keep trying. My blogs are random and varied, usually whatever is on my mind at the time or sometimes just to let readers know what's going on in my author-y world.

If I'm new to you, here's a quick run-down on most things Madi. I live south of New Orleans where magic is a normal part of the day, in a 90-year-old home with my daughter, granddaughter, and an ever-changing number of cats. Growing up with tales of vampires and the Rougarou, it’s shouldn't be a surprise I write Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. I got into writing later than most, juggling writing with a full-time job. I’m retired now and living my best life, free to write all day.

I love to read, listen to music (mostly country with a side of alternative when the mood hits), and collect things. My home is a mini museum of dragons, gargoyles, angels, fairies, and gnomes. Autumn is my favorite season and I love decorating my home to reflect the holidays.


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