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Let the 'Mad'ness begin!

I’m inviting you to be a member of the Madison Granger Street Team to spread the word about my book(s).

Street Team- n. A group of fans who canvas/haunt/stalk places and promote an author. This includes internet sites, blogs, book stores, cafes, libraries, and of course, word of mouth.

Street teams are often armed with paraphernalia, i.e. bookmarks, fliers or promo items like pens, magnets and key chains, or just a smile and a recommendation. (Note: I will be ordering more rack cards and bookmarks to pass out.)

The best sell is always a personal recommendation. If that’s all you do, tell or email friends about my books that would be great. And the more you tell the better. You never know who goes home at night and curls up with a good book that was recommended by YOU!

As a member of my street team you’ll earn my gratitude and a prize or two along the way. While I can’t pay you to do this, I can make sure there is something in it for you. As soon as I get all of this organized, I will be giving monthly prize drawings.

Here are a few things you can do as a Street Team member:

• Talk the book(s) up and share promo materials with friends and family to spread the word. • Buy my books the first week of release, which helps to get on the bestseller lists. (I’m thinking positive here ;)) • Ask your local library to order my books. Give the librarians the title, name and publisher. • If my books aren’t on the shelves, ask the bookseller to order it. • Take promo materials (bookmarks, postcards, etc) to your local stores, place them with booksellers. You can leave them with libraries and even at coffee shops. • Feature interviews, reviews, excerpts or my book trailers via your blog, site or Facebook page, etc. • Visit during online appearances • Share your (honest) review of the book via Amazon or Goodreads

Doing any of these helps me tremendously and you will have my everlasting gratitude. Email me at or PM on Facebook @

Thanks in advance for your support!

Madison Granger

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