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Local Authors Fair

Today I took a small road trip to the St Charles Parish Library in Destrehan, La. for their first Local Authors Fair. My friend, Stephanie and I were warmly greeted by the employees of the library as soon we walked through the doors. Tables had been set up for the attending authors in three different areas; non-fiction, children's and fiction.

Welcoming, thoughtful touches had been set out on each table.

Cloth covered tables held name plates, drinking glass, pens and a sharpie, a cup of mints, a very helpful booklet filled with interesting bios on all the authors and a map of the library itself with the WiFi password. Nice!

The library ran a raffle while we were there requiring participants to go to each author table and have their card initialed by the author. It was a nice way of ensuring the foot traffic met all the authors.

It was nice to see familiar faces from the last library event, and I got to meet a few new writers today. I sent my friend out on a recon mission while I manned the table. She was instructed to take pictures of all the authors and bring back either business cards or book marks. I figured I would go over them at my leisure at home and figure out my next purchases.

There wasn't a big flow of traffic, but there were a few people that bought books. Unfortunately for me, the crowd wasn't into paranormal romance, and that's okay. While disappointing, sales wise, it was still an experience to learn and grow from. And you never know who's going to purchase an ebook later from picking up your rack card today, right?

Madison Granger (above)

Taneah Francis (above)

Sue Friloux (above)

Shirley Parram-Sims (above)

Nital Patel (above)

Nancy Wilson (above)

Melinda Turner (above)

Genevieve Williams (above)

Arita Bohannan (above)

Eddie Boyd (above)

Edith Nevis (above)

Debbie Craighead (above)

Howard Pastorella (above)

June Shaw (above)

Lee Stephen (above)

Lynne Brig (above)

Blake Petit (above)

Barri Bronston (above)

Alberta Dunn (above)

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