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Special Days

Once again I'm woefully neglectful on my website's blog. I decided to fix that once and for all. As a house author for Eclectic Bard Books, I'm obligated to post a weekly blog. I've used the platform as a diary of my journey as a writer. From now on, when I post it on Saturday morning, I'll be adding it here, too. Sorry guys . . . with my work schedule, I'll never get in two different blogs in a week. This is the best I can do. LOL

I write because I enjoy it. I love escaping into a world of my own making where my characters come to life. I often wonder about my readers, though. Do they enjoy my books? Do they like my characters and the world they live in? My family and friends are supportive of my work, and they tell me they like my writing. But what about other readers . . . the ones I don’t know. That random person who one-clicks a book on Amazon?

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to meet a couple of them. I was having lunch with my friend, F. J. Roberts, at a local restaurant. Our server told me she’d read one of my books and wanted to read the others. I happily supplied her with rack cards, thinking that was the end of it. She soon came back to our table asking if I would mind meeting one of her co-workers. Another woman had read my books and was a huge fan. Seriously? I had a fan?? Of course, I wanted to meet her. I was soon introduced to a lovely young woman by the name of Talisha. She was obviously nervous, and I did my best to put her at ease. Her story was a familiar one; her love of books, reading to escape the pressures of life’s little problems. Thankfully, F.J. had enough presence of mind to snap a picture of the two of us.

Finding out that someone truly enjoyed my books gave me an indescribable thrill. Believe me, it was the highlight of my day. Knowing that there are people out there who enjoy my books, who eagerly look forward to my next one . . . those are the ones that keep me on track. I am grateful to those readers.

With that kind of motivation, I can’t stop now. I have stories to tell.

Until next week,


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