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For the past three weeks, I’ve been floating on a very special cloud. I’d signed up for Kelli Smith’s Reviewer Roundup. I’d done this before with a novel and a novella at different times, with very good results. But this time, Kelli was trying something new. She was featuring book series only, no more than four books, giving the readers three weeks to get their reading in and reviews posted. Of course, I signed up my Kindred series. The third installment, A Destiny Denied, released April 11 and I was dying to know what readers thought of it, and the series so far.

Three words. Totally. Blown. Away. Today is the last day with tonight’s Author Meet and Greet, so I don’t have the final count, but going by what I do have is phenomenal! Twenty readers asked for my books. Albeit, three readers didn’t turn in reviews at all, and three others didn’t review all of them, but the others . . . OMG . . . they more than made up for it. Over one hundred thirty reviews on one to seven different platforms! Are you kidding me? I’m over the moon and beyond. The icing on the cake? Except for one three-star rating (which still had a decent review), all of the reviews were four and five stars!!

Because of my day job and other things, I haven’t been able to attend any book signings to speak of in the last two years. That hurts me as a writer, because my name isn’t bandied about. While I’m on social media, I’m not publicly interacting with the readers. My books can fall into the cracks quite easily. I was scared that was happening to me. Thanks to Kelli Smith and her marketing genius, I don’t feel so “invisible” anymore. Readers like my stories. They’re eager for the next book in the series. They want to read my other works. This is music to any writer’s ears.

I’m diligently working on my next two books. One will be sent to the editor this month, the other is completed and waiting its turn. It won’t be long before I can return to Blindsided, the fourth installment of my Kindred series. I’m excited, all over again. My muse is rearing to go!

Until next week,


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