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One Day at a Time

A friend privately messaged me the other day, wondering where I’d been. There’s a lot going on right now that’s not up for discussion. Suffice to say, I haven’t been on social media much the past month. I have personal issues that require all of my attention. Until they are resolved, everything else is on hold.

Thankfully, I’m between projects, so there isn’t any deadline looming over my head. I’m still waiting on my publisher’s final read of Demon. Once I get that, I’ll have to get back to the grindstone. Until then … I have time.

My muse is being patient with me. While I want to work on Blindsided, it’s not a persistent nag. Though, I am thinking about the story line. Even though the release date isn’t until next year, I’ve been thinking about the cover. I might have to get that in the works. What better motivation than an awesome cover, right?

For now, I’m taking one day at a time. Things will work out, one way or the other, and I will deal with the outcome, whatever it may be. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Until next week,


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