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Meltdowns and Exploding Heads

I received the manuscript for To Kill A Demon from my publisher. She always does the last read-through before I start the final stage of formatting. It was with a huge sense of relief that I didn’t find a lot of notes in the margins. What she commented on was helpful, as always, and won’t take long to correct.

Problem. I’m in the middle of a huge maelstrom of stress. I’m scurrying around trying to find another place to live, get all my stuff packed (there’s a lot of stuff), and get moved before the end of the month. This all has to be done around my work schedule. I’m too busy to have a proper meltdown, though my head may explode with everything going on around me. Thank goodness for my daughter, who has taken on the lion’s share of the work.

This leaves me no time to work on Demon—at all. At least, not until I get settled into a new place. My publisher and I had discussed middle to late August for the release. I’m thankful beyond words for the time now. That will give me the space I need to situate myself, then buckle down to fix my book for publication.

Bear with me, please. It’s been a ghastly roller coaster ride on my end and unfortunately, it’s not over yet.

Until next week,


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