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Getting there ... slowly

To say I’ve been busy is a profound understatement. Settling into a new place is usually something I enjoy. This time around, not so much. While I love all the windows, it leaves little wall space for my many prints. Keepsakes that were kept in the attic have found themselves on the floor in my office. I don’t want to put them in storage because it isn’t climate controlled, but I have no other choice. There’s just not enough room for everything. I’ll get through it. It will just take time.

In between boxes, I did manage to finish up To Kill A Demon. I’m 90% finished with the formatting. A few more tweaks and I should be able to send it to my publisher before the weekend is over. As usual, formatting never goes smoothly for me. I always seem to run into a snag or two along the way. Thankfully, my niece came to my rescue and is helping me. Though why for the life of me you can upload a perfect copy to Createspace and still find issues. I just don’t get it! Maybe one day I’ll figure it all out, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be this day.

For now, it’s back to finishing up the formatting and unpacking more boxes. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s still a pinpoint. I’ll keep working at it. At least, the background of rain of the roof is soothing. Today will be a better day.

Until next week,


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