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Paying it forward, a special blessing

2018 has not been a good year for me. Through the actions of others, I’ve lost a lot and had to make some drastic life changes. As the year end approaches, I’m coming to terms with those changes and learning to adapt.

The other day something happened that put everything in perspective for me. On my way home, I got a flat tire. Twenty years ago, I would have changed it without thinking. Not these days. After several calls, my nephew was on his way to help. Before he got there, a beat-up pickup truck pulled up behind me. Two men got out, offering help.

The younger of the two grinned when he spotted my feeble excuse of a jack sitting on the ground by my spare. I shrugged—it came with the car. He went back to his truck, returning with a hydraulic jack. In five minutes, the tire was changed.

As I thanked them for stopping and helping, the man told me, “I have aunts, a mother, and sisters. I hope someone would stop and help them if they were stranded. Besides . . . “ He nodded to the other man. “I was raised right.” His father introduced himself, adding, “I taught my children at an early age to “pay it forward”. As they prepared to leave, each man hugged me, offered me a blessed day and Happy Thanksgiving.

This small act of kindness restored my faith in a lot of ways. Compassion still exists, and helping others is not a forgotten act. I will keep these two good Samaritans in my thoughts and prayers. And, I will “pay it forward” the first chance I get.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Until next week,


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