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Changes . . .

December is here and the holiday rush is in full swing. There are a lot of things going on and my to-do list is constantly changing.

This is my last blog as a house author for Eclectic Bard Books. However, it’s not the last blog I will write. I will continue my weekly literary journey on my website, As of December 5, I will no longer be writing under the Bard’s banner. I will be totally self-publishing. Heart of Stone will be my first publication as a solo artist, an Indie, if you will.

Nothing dire or traumatic has happened to bring about this change. In reality, it changes little. It was a decision my publisher made after a lot of deliberation. Life is hectic, and our plates fill with too many things that require our attention. Sometimes, you have to choose and prioritize. I have a world of respect for this special lady and will always owe her a debt of gratitude. She gave me a chance, showing me a side of me I never knew existed.

As of now, Heart of Stone is ready to be released December 11. Until then you can pre-order your Kindle copy for only ninety-nine cents. Take advantage! You can get it HERE

On Dec. 8 I’ll be at the Lafourche Parish Library in Thibodaux, LA for an Authors Book Fair. After that, I’ll be at the Houma Civic Center in March at a huge Craft show and marketplace. I’m going to keep my book signings local for a while longer. But . . . if the right event happens . . . and things work out . . . who knows?

Until next week,


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