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First time out of the gate and I stumble

Wouldn't you know it? My first time writing a blog that is entirely mine, and I'm late. My apologies. Yesterday entirely got away from me. I planned on a late blog because I wanted to tell you how the Authors Book Fair went. Unfortunately, I spent the afternoon posting pictures and tagging new friends.

Let me start at the beginning. The Lafourche Parish Library in Thibodaux, LA holds an annual Authors Book Fair in December. This was my first time to attend and I was looking forward to it, despite the forecast of 100% rain. And, the weatherman didn't let me down. I woke up to rain, drove to Thibodaux in the rain, and unloaded my car in the rain. Note to self: purchase plastic totes to transport books from now on. Cardboard boxes get wet in the rain. Luckily, they were sturdy boxes and my books survived.

There were eighteen authors gathered in the Activity Room at the Library, all local. I didn't know a soul. That changed quickly, however. Everyone was more than friendly, eager to take pictures with you and of you, and share their stories. The patrons were phenomenal. Everyone stopped by to chat, whether they were interested in my genre or not. I did manage to sell a few books, bookmarks, and keyrings, so the day was a win in my book.

The staff was friendly and more than helpful. I will definitely attend this event again. Hopefully, they'll have a slot open for me next year.

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