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Brainstorming over Dinner

The past few days off I’ve been editing a book for a friend. While working on it, bits and pieces for my final story of The Kindred series have been floating around in my head. I still didn’t have enough worked out to put it to paper, though. I was beginning to get a little worried.

Then my friend, FJ Roberts, showed up to take me to dinner. Over our meal, I voiced my concerns. That’s all it took. His creativity never ceases to amaze me, and his exuberance always fuels my own imagination. Plates laden from the Chinese buffet emptied without me realizing what I’d eaten as we bounced ideas off each other. By the time we finished our tea and were reading fortunes we had the majority of the story figured out. On the way home, we worked out finer details. By the time he left, I had everything for Deuces Wild except actually writing it down.

Once again, I find myself eager to get started on a book. This one is going to be “more”. More action, more suspense, more everything. I have loose ends to tie and questions to answer. This will be the HEA for the last of the Elite Guardians.

But I also find myself thinking about the other warriors, both old and new. What about Blair, Eadan, and Ciaran? They’ve been with me since the beginning. What about Drake and Stone? Don’t they get Promised Souls, too?

I’ll tell you one thing. The door will be left wide open for more stories about The Kindred. I guess it’s up to them to share their stories.

Until next week,


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