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More Kindred?

As I sit here in the middle of The Kindred series, getting things together to release book four and working on book five, I remember part of a conversation I had this past week with a new reader. She asked if I was really going to end the series with Deuces Wild. That was always my intention. Finding Promised Souls for Quinn, Trey, and the Elite Guardians seemed to be a well-rounded series. I thought it would be enough. Before I could formulate my answer, she threw at me—What if? What if a female Kindred showed up? Of course, the gears kicked in and all kinds of possibilities came at me. So, there just might be more books along the way and my desk will remain cluttered with notes.

In the meantime, I want to share something very special with you. I have a cover reveal of Blindsided. The cover captures Falcon's essence and I’m more than pleased with the way it turned out. Victoria Miller has done an amazing job with all my covers for The Kindred series. Book four will be released in April, as all the others have. I hope you like it as much as I loved writing it. Falcon and Ash meeting their Promised Souls is action-packed and will not disappoint.

Until next week,


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