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Staying Focused

Due to a holiday schedule, I’m off for seven days. I should get some writing and editing done, right? Hmm, so far it hasn’t happened. I managed to write a scene for the following chapter so I wouldn’t forget it, but as far as sitting my rear in the chair and writing . . . nada.

I did work on shepherd hook bookmarks for a craft show coming up in two weeks. I still need to work on a few necklaces, though. My order of books came in, so I’m basically stocked and ready on that one. I keep my event stuff all together, so all I really have to do is repack it.

I have three books from another author waiting to be edited. There’s no rush on them, but I am committed to getting them done. I started the next one in line last night.

I plan on getting some writing in too. I might have to wear ear plugs. The party buses are rocking this morning.

Oh, and I really need to work on graphics to promote Blindsided.

And there’s the Reviewer Roundup coming up. I’ll have Heart of Stone available to readers.

Then I need to . . . you get the picture. It’s a lot. I’ve been thinking about hiring a P.A. Unfortunately, it’s not in my budget. But it sure would be nice. I remember thinking at one time I could do it all. And I can. But some help would be nice too. Guess I need to focus and get back on track.

Until next week,


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