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Catching Up... A Lot Going On

I know my usual day for my weekly blog is on Saturday, but I was put on a holiday schedule and had to work seven days straight. Believe me, I did nothing but work, then come home and fall into bed. Thankfully, there shouldn’t be any more of those until November or so.

I have five days off and there’s a lot to accomplish. First off, my novella, Heart of Stone is listed in Kelli Smith’s Reviewer Roundup. I’ve been in several of her events and they’re always a lot of fun for both readers and authors. It costs nothing to enter. Just sign up and you have a mega selection of books to read. All you have to do in return is give an honest review. The event lasts for two weeks; the first week is for novellas, the second week for novels. At the end, there will be drawings for a ton of super cool prizes, everything from Amazon gift cards to Kindles and Firesticks. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

This coming Saturday I’ll be at the Craftin’ Cajuns Craft and Trade Show. It will be held at the Civic Center in Houma, La. Admission and parking are free. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in. There'll be over one hundred vendors selling every imaginable item you can imagine. I doubt you’ll leave empty handed. Be sure and stop by to say hi to me. I’ll be set up with copies of all my books, jewelry, and shepherd hook bookmarks.

If I have a spare moment, I’m going to try to get some words down on paper. Deuces Wild is already starting out to be a fun ride.

Since I’ll be at the Trade Show all day Saturday, I won’t be posting a blog. I’ll catch up with you on March 23.

Until then,


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