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A Different Kind of Promoting

I took a little road trip today. A friend of mine and I drove across the Causeway to Mandeville. As I passed by upscale homes and buildings, I was a little intimidated. Old insecurities reared and I wondered what exactly I thought I was doing here. Then I turned down Girod Street and fell in love. An entire road filled with shops! I had entered a unique little world, one I wanted to explore. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time, or the money, to browse like I wanted. Promising myself to return, I found the address I was searching for.

Construction was in progress, both outside and in. There was nothing to look at, yet. It didn’t take much to be able to see the promise of The Book and the Bean, however. As I listened, owner Karrie Mattia showed me around. I could easily envision the shop as it would be in just a few short weeks.