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Keeping up with The Kindred

I’m sure you know by now that on April 16, Blindsided was released. I love my sexy Kindred warriors and I enjoy sharing their stories with you. This latest book is special to me. (psst, don’t tell the others, but I’ve always been partial to Falcon and Ash) Writing Blindsided was fun and it went quickly for me.

I’ve already received a few five-star reviews and I’m thrilled to pieces with the reception from my readers. I hope you pick up a copy and immerse yourself in the adventures of my Scottish shapeshifters.

Of course, this puts pressure on me to deliver an equal, if not better, story with Deuces Wild. I’ve got the story in my head, but it’s proving difficult to get it down on paper. It seems the twins and their new mates spend an awful lot of time together, making action scenes and dialogue a bit crowded. They all want to get a word in. Somehow, I’m going to have to convince them to go on single dates or something. I’m sure things will settle down somewhere in the story line and I can get this book written.

I certainly hope so, because there will be a next book. The characters are already talking to me.

Until next week,


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