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Changes in the Wind

With practice, everyone becomes better at what they're trying to do. Writing is no different. Even though I have a long way to go, I've already learned a great deal about writing and publishing since I started on my first novel.

I once mentioned to my (former) publisher that I wanted to redo Phoenix Rising. Not to change the story, but to fix it. There are more than a few POV changes and some other errors I'd like to correct. She told me I would have only 'one first book'. She's right about that. But, I would rather have that first book be one I'm truly proud of.

I'm currently in the process of removing Eclectic Bard Books' logo from my books. I figure now is the time to revamp Phoenix Rising. I'm in no hurry, there isn't a deadline. I'm going to take my time and re-release an edition that (I feel) will stand up to the others.

I've listed my stand-alones; To Kill A Demon, Save the Last Dance, and Heart of Stone on Kindle Unlimited. Once I finish The Kindred series, I'll list them with KU, too.

Slow changes, but changes, nonetheless.