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Frustrations of a Writer

I’m an Indie author. Which means, I do it all. I write, format, publish, market, and promote. Each aspect is a different kind of challenge and for the most part, I enjoy all of it.

The last couple of books I released went off without any problems. I had no trouble with the formatting, so everything was on schedule for their releases. Fate is cruel and likes to throw a wrench in the gearbox every now and then. I finally finished revamping Phoenix Rising. POV’s had been corrected, I deleted a ton of unneeded ‘ands’ and strengthened the story line, as a whole. Then I went to format the damn thing. *sigh* Page numbers don’t want to cooperate. Finally got the headers in place. Checked it out in pdf only to find blank pages between chapters. Grrr So, I started over. In the process, I lost my headers. Gave up on page numbers. Still finding blank pages. Got it down to only four to fight with. Spoke with a writer friend. She said, “I do it this way. Try it.” I did. Now, I have twenty-one blank pages! *headdesk* I don’t blame my friend. It is what it is.

I put the manuscript away because of work. I have two days off. Tomorrow is pretty much booked up with a doctor’s appointment. I need to get it fixed today. I’m dreading it. Wish me luck. I may need alcohol when this one is said and done.

Until next week,