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Stoking the Flame

While I was printing out an article titled 10 Strategies Firefighters Use to Fight Wildfires for my latest WIP, I remembered I had yet to write this blog. Brakes applied, shifting gears.

I think I’m finally getting the hang of juggling my writing, editing, and all things literary balls. My five days off are mostly for editing, with a little writing. My two days off are catch-up and errand days, without a lot of time for myself. If I get the chance, that small window is devoted to my writing.

Today, I found myself with a few hours to spend on Deuces Wild. I was just getting started on a new chapter when I realized I really didn’t know how my characters were supposed to deal with combating a forest fire. Hence, research. I ended up spending a couple of hours poring over newspaper articles, videos, and pictures of forest fires and how they are dealt with. Then, I have to get my thoughts in order once I’ve gone over all my material. After that, I have to apply it to the story. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t get written down all at once or even quickly. I may struggle with this scene for several days before I’m satisfied enough to continue with the story.

I am not one of those writers who can sit down and type for hours on end. I write when it comes to me. Sometimes, my characters are chatty. Other times, it’s like pulling teeth. I’ve learned I can’t rush the process. It comes when it’s ready. I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t have a stand alone for this year. This will be my first year I’ve only published one book. I don’t like it, but there’s nothing I can do about it, either. I don’t have the luxury of staying home to write. And apparently, Deuces Wild is not going to be a rush job. This one is demanding a lot of detail work.

On that note, I better get back to it. Until next week,


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