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Lazy Days

Ever have one of those days when you just don’t want to do anything? Today was one of those. To be honest, my first day off from a five-day rotation is usually like that. I manage to do my laundry and little else.

It’s hotter than Hades outside and the A/C is straining to keep the house comfortable. I am not a summer person. Never have been, and I don’t see it changing. I’ll gladly stay inside with my air conditioning, computer, and supply of coffee. Believe me, I’m good. Guess it’s just as well I spend my days off writing and editing, both outstanding indoor sports.

I did make reservations for Signing in the South in June 2020. Yes, it’s a year off, but these events have to be planned waayyy in advance. I’m really looking forward to this one as it’s being held in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I used to live there in another lifetime, and always loved that city. I’m sure it’s changed, but it still holds fond memories.

Other than that, there’s not a lot to report. Phoenix Rising is still on sale for another ten days. Once I get the rest of my covers fixed, I’ll be listing everything on Kindle Unlimited, as well as Kindle and paperback. Deuces Wild is coming along, slow but sure. I’ve got a few other titles on the back burner, waiting their turn. Who knows? Maybe a short story will pop up in the near future.

Until next week,


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