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Knee-deep in words

Time is flying. Sometimes you have to grab at it to slow down a little. School has started. My granddaughter is in Jr. High. How did that even happen? She’s in the band and loving it. Football season is in full swing. Who Dat! Halloween is upon us and Christmas is around the corner. Can’t forget to throw Thanksgiving in the mix.

I’ve been to two local events that went well, with plans for more in the Spring of 2020. To backtrack, the Cajun Craft and Trade show was a huge success. I sold more books than I had so far. Readers showed up for more books, clamoring for me to write faster. It was encouraging, to say the least. This venue is put on twice a year. I have all intentions of being a part of it each time.

Our main library hosted the annual Books for the Bayou. My work schedule actually allowed me to partake in the event and I was glad to be a part of it once again. There was a lot of activity in town that weekend so there wasn’t the traffic that usually visits the library on Saturday. Regardless, I sold a few books, getting to visit with authors I’d met before, making friends with new ones. Somehow, I got talked into co-hosting a seminar at next year’s Jambalaya Writers Conference with FJ Roberts.

I’ve finished the fifth book of my Kindred series. Deuces Wild will be going to the editor mid-January. My next book was supposed to be a paranormal romance with a hospital setting featuring a vampire/doctor. While I was hashing out the story line, somehow the hospital setting and vampire main character separated into two different books. In addition to those, I’ve also started on book six of The Kindred series. That puts me at three books started and not sure which one to work on first. I figure if I stare at them long enough, one of them will step forward.

So, if you don’t see much of me on social media know that I’m still here. Just keeping busy trying to churn out a few more books. No matter what, I’m always available to my readers. Would love to hear from you. Drop me a line anytime.

Until next time,


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