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Making a bad situation work for you . . .

My mother used to tell me that when I thought things were at their worst, look around. There was always someone suffering more than you. Once again, that has proven true.

A week ago, I fell, dislocating my shoulder. Wednesday, I had an MRI done to see the extent of my injury. I'll see my orthopedic surgeon Monday to get the results. Whether I need surgery or not, recovery will be painful and longer than I would like.

Writing is painful but do-able. Unfortunately, my head isn't in the game because it's crowded with worry over life, bills, and a hundred other little things.

Then I happened to read a post from Karen Marie Moning. She's one of my heroes. ‘That’ person I want to be like when I grow up as a writer. You know what I mean. You probably have a list of favorites yourself.

Ms. Moning has not had an easy time of it. She has suffered in ways I can't even imagine. But not only did she make it, she's better for it.

Apparently, that was my wake up call. I don't have time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. My beta readers are returning notes on Deuces Wild. I have work to do. I also have three other books on the To-Be-Written list. I have the time. I need to take advantage of it.

Another adage that has always hit home with me, ‘everything happens for a reason’. I’m not questioning it anymore. I have work to do.

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