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Tis the Season

Yesterday, FJ Roberts came over so we could work on a presentation we’re doing for the Jambalaya Writers Conference in March. As I was making him a cup of Chai tea in the kitchen, I could hear his mutters and grunts in the living room. He’s the Grinch to my Elf and I was waiting for the snark to pour out as soon as I returned to the room. He didn’t fail me. Of course, most of it is good-natured teasing. He’s just not “into” the holiday thing, especially the decorating, as I am. I, on the other hand, tend to go overboard. Like I explained to him, what I have out is only a fraction of what I own. Limited to the use of one arm I had to depend on my daughter to do the majority of the work. I’m trying hard not to push her over the edge and wake to find a pillow being smashed into my face.

Decorating for the holidays makes me happy. Under my current situation, I needed a huge dose of happy. Hence, the North Pole comes to the Antley Abode. To be honest, it hasn’t been horrible. I miss my co-workers and working. I’ve worked all my life. It’s a hard habit to break. But I should be able to return around the beginning of February. That’s not that far off.

I see my orthopedic surgeon on the 18th. Hopefully, I’ll be able to retire the sling and therapy will begin. I’ve been faithful about my twice-a-day exercises and my arm is doing better. Thankfully, I can now sit at my computer and type for longer periods of time before weariness sets in and I have to stop. I still have next to nothing of strength in my right arm, but I also don’t want to push it. I need to talk to my doctor to find out exactly what I can do. The last thing I want is to damage the work he’s done. Best of all, pain has been minimal throughout the whole ordeal. That’s not to say I’m not hurting. But I’ve heard so many horror stories about rotator cuff surgeries. Even my ex-husband had his removed from a work-related injury and I remember all too well the ordeal we both went through while he recovered. He never did regain full use of his arm, either.

I received two extremely helpful critiques from beta readers and am almost finished tweaking Deuces Wild. All that is left is the final oral read and it should be ready for the editor. Then it starts over. LOL Such is the life of a writer. Things will pick up speed once I’m done with Deuces. I can finish the minor details and have it ready for release in April, barring any catastrophes.

I’ve got three projects waiting once Deuces is finished. First one up will be titled The Awakening of Amelia. This one will be a stand alone PNR. All I’ll say right now is that Amelia is a nurse and somewhere in there is a vampire. You’ll have to wait for the rest.

On that note, I’m going end this. I’ve rambled on long enough. I hope you and yours have the Merriest Christmas and a most Blessed Yule.

Until next time,


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