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Becoming more . . .

Happy New Year! 2020 has begun, a clean slate to fill with new purpose. While I personally don’t have any big plans for the new year, I do have a goal. I want to apply myself more to everything I do. I want to focus more on my writing. I want to learn more about marketing and promoting and apply that knowledge.

I found myself slowing down last year, not pushing myself as much. Added to that, my year-end injury and subsequent surgery, I only published one book. In my short span as an author, I always managed to get out at least two a year. A lot less than some, but this was my personal goal. I don’t have anyone to answer to except myself. Still, I wasn’t happy about the result. Such is life.

Hopefully, I will get back on track in 2020. Deuces Wild is with my editor. There’s a possibility for an earlier-than-April release, but it’s too soon to call it. There will be a sixth book to my Kindred series. Fated Journey will follow the steps of the others and come out in the Spring of 2021. I am currently working on a new stand-alone, The Awakening of Amelia. Another stand-alone, Micah’s Redemption, is slated for next year.

Sitting around the house idle, unable to write, has been more than a little frustrating. Thankfully, my muse has been understanding, keeping threads and plots at bay. I still have a month before I return to my full-time job. I’m going to physical therapy three times a week which is not fun at all, but a necessary evil to get my arm functioning normally again. This is where my new year goal comes in. I’m applying myself. I can get a good head-start on Amelia this month. Once I get back to writing every day, things will fall into place, hopefully.

I’m the sort of person