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In a few weeks, The Awakening of Amelia goes to the editor. While waiting to wrap that one up, I started working on Fated Journey. This will be the sixth book of my Kindred series. Originally, the series was comprised of five books, until a reader suggested a female warrior and of course, that got the wheels turning.

At the end of Deuces Wild, Quinn decided to expand his Elite Guardians from the original six to a complement of ten. It was a given that Hunter and Gavin, Torie’s Kith, would be seven and eight. It’s a no-brainer to figure out Meghan Burns, the main character in Fated Journey, will be number nine. The big mystery is who will be number ten? Even I don’t have the answer to that one, yet!

I gave up a long time ago trying to plot a book. My muse has a stronger will, withholding information until I sit at my desk and begin to type. Then the words come. There is no planning how things are going to happen. Or if there is, my muse doesn’t see fit to share. I don’t argue anymore. I just write what she tells me. When the time comes, she’ll let me in on her secrets.

Regardless, The Kindred series will find its closure after book seven; six will be Meghan and the mystery warrior, seven will be Gavin and Hunter’s stories. I could write more, I’m sure. I’ve played with the idea of a spinoff series. There are enough Otherkind to keep me going. I’m just not sure I want to continue a series. Then again, next year I’ll be retired and writing full time. Who knows what I’ll do with all that time?

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