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2021 New Year, New Beginnings

Happy 2021! Here’s to better times. On a literary note, January is starting off with a bang and I’ll be giving it my best shot to see all my goals completed this coming year.

After a long campaign, the Sinners & Saints anthology is coming upon the release date of Jan. 12. I hope you pre-ordered your copy and took advantage of all the free goodies that come with your 99 cent purchase. If you haven’t, there’s still time. All the links are right here:

#Surprise! We Sinners want to thank all you Saints for pre-ordering SINNERS & SAINTS It just takes 2 easy steps! 1. Preorder from B&N, Apple, and/or Amazon

& claim the #FREE #bonus

Then, in February I’ll be releasing the stand alone of The Awakening of Amelia. Sure, you’ll read it in Sinners & Saints, but this one will have a few added scenes, giving you a little more of Amelia and Demetrius and their story. I’ll keep you posted on pre-order details next month.

After that comes Fated Journey, book six of The Kindred series. Scheduled for an April release if everything goes according to plan. The only problem is I have to finish it. Life has been hectic, not giving me enough quiet time to devote to Meghan and Rory. You’ll be seeing less of me on social media as I focus on writing.

Once Journey is released, I’ll be having another kind of celebration. The end of April will bring about my retirement. I will miss my co-workers but I’m looking forward to being able to write full-time, something I’ve dreamed about for a while now.

So, for me, I’ll finally be living the dream, writing the stories that make me happy, and in turn, hopefully, give you books to enjoy.

Until next time,



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