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Looking back on 2021

This started out as a post for Facebook. Once I finished, I realized it was better suited as a blog. I was overdue for a blog anyway.

I’ve seen posts in my Facebook feed of friends going over their year and achievements, and it seems that's what the author community is doing this month, so why not.

I’ll never be one of those writers who publish double digit books in a year, it’s not how I write… it’s also not a competition. 2021 was a mixed bag for me. Midway through the year, I retired from the work force and now write full-time. I may never be rich, but I’m in a happy place, content to write my heart’s desire.

I started the year with the Sinners & Saints anthology, which was a disaster from the get-go, but I made some incredible friendships with a few of the authors, so there was some good mixed in.

I released four books and wrote three more to be released in 2022. My four releases all have strong-willed females as the main character. I’m finding my niche in the writing world in this vein.

The Awakening of Amelia, which took on a life of its own with readers wanting a sequel. Wish granted, The Rising of Amelia is set for 2022.

Fated Journey, book six of The Kindred series. One of my favorites, probably because the main character was such a strong female, and her counterpart was just as strong and supportive.

A Valkyrie’s Vow was written at the request of one of my nurses who loved Valkyries. I had the best time writing this one, reliving my days training horses and doing the show circuit, as well as mixing it up with Norse mythology.

Gambit was inspired by a gorgeous cover made by the very talented Betty Shreffler that I HAD to have. The story unfolded in days and a strong Alpha female took over the leading role.

I’m ending the year involved in two anthologies, both releasing in 2022. I thought long and hard before signing up, but so far, it’s been all good. I’m hoping for the best.

All in all, it's been a good year for me. What low points there were served as lessons. I'm looking forward to the coming year, I have a stash of covers just waiting for stories, and I have characters in my head, waiting their turn.

However you celebrate the holiday season, I wish you only the best, filled with family, friends, love, and magick.

See you in 2022,



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