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Scrambling to Catch Up

I was updating a few things on my website this morning, when I clicked on the blog section. It’s been ages since I added anything. Being involved in two anthologies this year, I’ve been focused on trying to get more newsletters out and building that platform’s numbers.

With four releases this year, I thought I was on a roll, with the possibility of two more in the fall and winter. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but it’s not looking as probable as it once did.

A trip to the ER and a week-long stay in the hospital uncovered issues I was completely unaware of, and I now have to go undergo colon surgery in three weeks. I’m not sure about recovery time, or how long it will take before I can sit comfortably at my desk to write.

I started on my new trilogy, Bayou Crescent Wolves, with the first book, Zane. Not having written anything since I finished The Rising of Amelia, it took me a bit to find my writing groove. I’m not going to rush this one, nor am I going to stress over it. Being that it’s a trilogy, I need to make sure I have a solid foundation for Zane, Cole, and Ridge before I get too far into the story. The Landry brothers are a strong family unit, and their lives and stories are deeply entwined with each other.

I’m focusing on promoting my releases and doing take-overs to spread the word on my last anthology, Rituals & Runes, which is releasing Oct. 4. This one is really important to me, as we’re trying to make the USA Today Bestseller list. If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy, I’d really appreciate it if you would. It’s only $ .99 and would help me reach a bucket list goal.

To sweeten the pot even further, we’ve set up a gift card giveaway to members of our readers group. All you have to do is join and enter. What could be easier?