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Scrambling to Catch Up

I was updating a few things on my website this morning, when I clicked on the blog section. It’s been ages since I added anything. Being involved in two anthologies this year, I’ve been focused on trying to get more newsletters out and building that platform’s numbers.

With four releases this year, I thought I was on a roll, with the possibility of two more in the fall and winter. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but it’s not looking as probable as it once did.

A trip to the ER and a week-long stay in the hospital uncovered issues I was completely unaware of, and I now have to go undergo colon surgery in three weeks. I’m not sure about recovery time, or how long it will take before I can sit comfortably at my desk to write.

I started on my new trilogy, Bayou Crescent Wolves, with the first book, Zane. Not having written anything since I finished The Rising of Amelia, it took me a bit to find my writing groove. I’m not going to rush this one, nor am I going to stress over it. Being that it’s a trilogy, I need to make sure I have a solid foundation for Zane, Cole, and Ridge before I get too far into the story. The Landry brothers are a strong family unit, and their lives and stories are deeply entwined with each other.

I’m focusing on promoting my releases and doing take-overs to spread the word on my last anthology, Rituals & Runes, which is releasing Oct. 4. This one is really important to me, as we’re trying to make the USA Today Bestseller list. If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy, I’d really appreciate it if you would. It’s only $ .99 and would help me reach a bucket list goal.

To sweeten the pot even further, we’ve set up a gift card giveaway to members of our readers group. All you have to do is join and enter. What could be easier?

Love fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy books?

Want to win a 25-dollar Amazon gift card?

Join the Shifters Unleashed readers group, where we’ll be sharing freebies, games, and all things bookish! To celebrate the launch of our boxset, Rituals & Runes, we’re giving away a 25-dollar Amazon gift card to one of our lucky group members—simply join the group and comment on the post pinned to the announcements!

Click on the banner to go to the Shifters Unleashed readers group.

The only other news I have at the moment is that my booth for the Craftin’ Cajuns trade show has been confirmed and I’ll once again be at the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center with copies of all my books and unique, story-related shepherd hook bookmarks to purchase. The event takes place Oct. 8, from 9:00 to 5:00 and admission and parking is free. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by. It’s a great show with hundreds of vendors selling amazing, handcrafted wares.

On a personal note, my granddaughter’s cat took a trip to the vet… a fever of 105 and an infection of some kind, he was sent home with a shot of antibiotics and some wet food to encourage his appetite. Happily, he’s much better now, and almost back to normal.

My granddaughter just turned 15 and life with an emotional teenager guarantees us a daily roller coaster ride. School is almost over, but summer band camp will start, so we’ll still have to deal with a grumpy teen in the mornings.

I guess that pretty much brings you up to date on everything I have going on. If anything else happens you can find out about it first in my readers group, Madison’s Magical Corner.

Until next time,



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