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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I ignore that one, it’s not for single people. Mardi Gras has been canceled due to Covid 19 and the Saints didn’t get to the Super Bowl. The world is full of disappointments, but life goes on. My own world is on a much smaller scale but keeps me busy, nevertheless. Work takes up more time than I like. The upside is that retirement is around the corner and I only have a couple of more months until I can call myself a full-time writer.

I’ve been busy on the writing front too, working on one story or another at all times. It’s a little daunting but I keep a steady supply of post-it notes and constantly check my calendar. It helps to keep me on track.

Sinners and Saints was released on Jan 12. Didn’t make the USA Today Best Seller’s list, which was more than a little disappointing for me. It was something I really wanted, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. While Amazon doesn’t recognize Best Sellers as such, we did manage to make the Amazon Top List several times during our campaign. I’m told that makes me a Best Selling Author. While I won’t add it to my book covers, I will own the title. I worked hard to push Sinners & Saints and I know the other authors involved worked hard at it too.

The Awakening of Amelia, which premiered in Sinners & Saints, is now available for pre-order as a standalone. I expanded a few scenes, clarifying a few details that didn’t come out in the anthology. Amelia will release Feb 23.

That brings me to my next project, Fated Journey, book six of The Kindred series. Journey is now with the editor and I posted the cover reveal on Facebook today. My thanks to Victoria Miller for the stunning cover. That one will release April 13.

Next one up will be a different kind of PNR, featuring a Valkyrie. Tentative working title is A Valkyrie’s Vow. Ravenborn Covers will be doing the cover in June.

I’ve got a couple of covers I’m sitting on that need stories which I’ll be working on later this year. Then I’ll be finishing up The Kindred series with A Warrior’s Redemption. That’s a total of seven stories going into 2022. Something tells me it won’t end there.

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